Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Family Devotion Night - 4


You must never break your promises.
When a man makes a vow....he must not break his word. Numbers 30:2

God's Promise
Jack and Helen love the story of Noah's ark. From the time when they were very little, Mum would read in the Bible how God sent a big flood that covered the whole world. Only Noah's family and two of eachkind of animal were put in the ark to live through the flood.
Jack and Helen were scared the first time they heard the story of Noah's ark. They were afraid that God might send another flood to cover the earth. What is water covered everything and they didn't have an ark to escape in? What would happen to their house, their toys and all their friends? Mum explained to Jack and Helen that after the great flood, God promised He would never again cover the entire earth with water: "Never again will I destroy all living creatures" (gen 8:21)
You don't have to worry that God will send another great flood because you know that God would never, ever break a promise. God is always honest and always keeps His promises, so you can trust everything He tells you.
You should follow God's example by keeping your promises as well. If you never make a promise unless you're sure you can keep it, people will know that you are good and honest, and what you say will be trusted. 

You Turn!
1. What happened to Noah and his family?
2. Why were Jack and Helen scared the first time they heard the story of Noah's ark?
3. Why should Jack and Helen not be afraid?

Thank You, Jesus, for teaching mea bout promises. Please help me to always keep the promises I make. Amen.

Make Your Own Flood
The story of Noah's ark is a reminder of how important a promise is. God keeps His promises. You should keep yours.
This activity is certain to make a lasting impression on your child. You can recreate the great flood in your own bathtub!

What you need:
- bathtub
- toy boat or anything that will float
- bowl

What to do:
Invert a non-plastic bowl int he centre of the bathtub with your 'ark' on top of it. Close the draion and start the water running. As the water rises, it will slowly rise to cover the bowl and the 'ark' will float away - jsut like noah's ark in the great flood.

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