Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spiritual Training - How I taught my children to serve others

The following is written by a mother of 7, and give some practical ways we can teach our children to serve others. Thank you Teresa!

How I Taught My Children To Serve Others

1. Children always want to help - let them and encourage them to help with the cleaning, cooking, etc. It may take a little longer, but let them do it.

2. Let your children be involved in helping out at church. My children helped the ladies at church with making lamingtons for years. They learnt that serving the church was a 'normal' thing to do.

3. Make it fun while working.

4. Don't go home and grumble about what you have done.

5. Encourage your children to serve family members. Make it a game - waitresses in a restaurant.

6. My children heard me praying and asking God who I could help that day.

7. Always be thankful for what your children have done, even if it is not how you would do it. When they make their beds, don't let them see you coming in to straighten it all up to your standard.

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