Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Family Devotion Time

Last week's devotion time concentrated on Listening to God's voice. I was excited to receive an email from Sister Lyn St John. She teaching a kids prayer group at her church. At the end of the class, the children had a listening time. The question they asked was 'God, what would you like to tell the people of Australia?' Here are their answers:

Jesus said let my people be free! If they don’t read the Bible then read the Bible everyday. And pray every hour and day. Go and have fun! Samara age 5

Time for revival. Brandon age 9

God said, trust him and he would always take care of you! Crysellyn age 8

Jesus said, I will be with you. Keep worshipping me there will be a day I will be coming to get you. Just worship me and read the Bible. Don’t be afraid to spread the word about me. Alexis age 10

How exciting! It is definitely time for revival. Exciting things are happening in our Sunday School department!! This coming Sunday is the first Sunday School for Term 3, and there are some exciting changes taking place. Not only are there some class changes, but some wonderful new adults joining the teaching team! More will be revealed later this week :)

So, a devotion time for you.........(again, no give away this week but feel free to still comment or send photos of your time together)


'You have taught children and nursing infants to give you praise; they silence your enemies who were seeking revenge.' Psalm 8:2

This verse clearly says that it is the kids job to worship God so that God's enemies are silent. You and I do not have that promise as adults, but kids do. It was so important that Jesus even referenced this verse in Matthew 21:16

Adoration Alphabet. This is an idea that was adapted from the book When Children Pray. On a piece of cardboard cut into quarters write a lettr of the alphabet. On the opposite side have kids write down as many words that can be used as praise to/about God that start with that letter. Then have each child say as many of the words as they can in one breath. For another exercise you could go in a circle starting with the letter A and say a word of praise to God. Then the next person repeats that word and adds one with the letter B. Keep going until someone forgets or can't come up with a word. This is a project that you can spread out over a year. Once you have the whole alphabet, use the letters to spell out worship words.

~ An Hour of Kids Prayer. Lyn St John

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