Thursday, July 9, 2009

Train Your Child - Every day Courtesies

Written by Teresa - a mother of 7.

Always treat your child with courtesy and respect. Teach your child an attitude of the heart that is self giving, not self serving.
~ It's not what we gather that matters, but what we scatter~
It's more rewarding to give to others than to receive. Good heartedness is a gift you can give everyday to everyone. We can show everyday courtesies through showing honesty, patience, respectfulness, courtesy, friendship, kindness and gentleness.

Teach your child hos much a warm smile means to others. Smile and the world smiles with you. A smile is a gift you can carry around with you everywhere you go. You can give anyone you meet a smile whether young or old or whether they speak a different language, they can understand a smile.

Respect for Adults
Teach your child the importance of respect. One of the msot important lessons a child can learn is respect. This is the essential quality of good chanracter. Talk to adults, accept no without complaining, come when first called, make contact with grandparents.

Teach your child to live in peace with siblings, so that they can get along with others. The place to learn how to get along with others is at home. Stand up for each other. Share. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything.

Teach you child how to be a good friend to have a friend you must be a friend. Be friendly, cheerful, fun to be around, not a complainer to whiner, not a tease or someone who talks ugly about other people, be honest, share your things, say sorry, slow to anger, keep your friend's secrets.

Teach your child to say thank you and please, your welcome and excuse me. You need to think of others ahead of yourselves. To have all these good qualities you need to work on forming good habits. Be kind to everyone, quick to offer help. Help the elderly or sick person. Don't call people nasty names or make fun of people who are different.

Teach you child to be honest at all times and play by the rules. We must always be truthful. Live honestly and open before your children. Be an example.
Don't exaggerate to impress people. If you're told not to do something then don't do it. Rules are made to protect you - rules help you, not hurt you. Be sure your actions match your words.

Teach your child to be responsible in everything they do. Be the laborer great or small do it well or not at all. To be responsible means that others can count on you. Do your best no matter what you're asked to do. Do you best to be helpful, not always to receive a reward. Duties and chores teach responsibility in the family.

Teach your child the importance of forgiveness. We need to learn to forgive and to forget. Children need to see forgiveness in action. We need to forgive our children quickly when they do wrong, ask your children to forgive you when youa re wrong. Tell them forgiveness works two ways. You need to forgive others and you need to be forgiven.

Teach Communication skills
- Make proper introductions
- How to address adults
- Telephone manners
- Talking and lsitening - when to talk and when to listen
- Well mannered at birthday parties or visiting someone's home
- Sending thank you notes
- Teach boys about being a gentleman
- Teach girls to be ladies

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