Thursday, July 15, 2010


- Nature Box. Go for a walk, collecting interesting things along the way to go into a 'nature box'

- Draw what you see. Take some paper and pencils outside, sit for a while and draw what you see!

- Plant a tree!

- Take a magnifying glass outside in search of bugs. Maybe catch a few and look them up on the internet or in a book to find out facts about them.

- Make your own mini garden. Find a small box - or purchase a window box, plant some plants in season at the moment.

- Create a desert garden. Plant some cacti and succulents in a pot with pebbles and rocks to decorate. Keep it on a sunny windowsill and water it every now and then in winter and regularly in summer.

- Pick some flowers. You can press them in between some baking paper, sandwiches between some heavy books. When dried (about a week) you can use the dried flowers to decorate anything - a card, a book cover, whatever!

- Make a scarecrow to keep those birds away from precious plants.

- Crazy grass head. using an old sock or stoking, put some grass seeds in the end and press it down in a thick layer. Fill the rest of the toe with potting mix and tie a knot in the end like a balloon. Make a nose by pulling out a bit of the soil in the middle and fixing an elastic band around the bottom. decorate with eyes and a mouth. Sit the head on top of a paper cup filled with water and wait for the grass to grow!

- Create a wormery for composting.

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