Saturday, July 10, 2010

School Holiday Survival Kit!

So, you have survived the first week of school holidays! Are you wondering where you will find the strength to go through another week?

Actually, I know most mums love the school holidays and the extra time spent with their children! Days can be a little more relaxed without the hectic morning and afternoon routines. That said, I am sure there are the times when children need a little guidance in creating their own fun. So, this next week I will be posting lots of activities that can give you some ideas for passing the time with your children as well as creating some great memories.

Here's how it will work. Tomorrow, I will post ideas you can use on Monday - Monday's post will be activities you can use on Tuesday etc. This way you can be prepared for the activities on each day. There will also be a theme for each day:

Monday - CRAFT DAY
Wednesday - BOOK DAY
Thursday - OUT & ABOUT DAY

Now, so that I don't have to do all the work, I am asking you to help out. All you have to do is send in any ideas you may have under any of the above themes. Just leave a comment on this post, or email me at:

We all need incentives sometimes, so for every idea you send in you will get one entry into a prize! I will announce the winner on Wednesday afternoon here on the blog - so you really don't have all that much time to be in the winning. Any idea you have will be appreciated!

What is the prize???????

A gift certificate for a 1 hour pedal car hire from Mr Spokes at Lake Burley Griffin.

I hope you all have a wonderful week with your children!

God bless,


  1. I guess SS teachers can't enter but here are some things to start with:
    Craft - a picture outline or draw something, using whatever scraps you have such as bright material, wrapping paper, wool, make the picture into a mosaic by cutting/tearing into smallish size pieces and stick onto the picture.
    Building - Build the Eiffel tower out of toilet rolls and masking tape.
    Book Day - go to the library, make your own little book about favourite things
    Out and About - a picnic in the park if close enough walk to the park, if raining set up a picnic on the floor inside, let children help.
    Nature - Take a nature book and go searching for as many things as you can see

  2. Of course ALL Sunday School teachers can enter! Send in the ideas....I just ordered the gift certificate! There were heaps of people at Mr Spokes and it was a gorgeous morning at Lake Burley Griffin!!!!!!!! One idea = one entry! It's not that hard :)

  3. I have always shared the joy I get from seeing my children enjoy nature... they each have a special mesh bag that they use to collect different things when we go for a walk - leaves, pine cones, nuts. or shells and sea weed if we are at the beach! Kids can then use them for craft - glue them onto card to form a picture, make leaf rubbings or just enjoy talking about nature! michelle

  4. At the beginning of the holidays I usually ask Josh what he would like to do during the time off school. We try to make it out and about a lot since we can't do that while he's at school. He was given a membership to Questacon for christmas and we try to use that as much as possible, as well as go to the park/lake, meet Daddy for lunch and this holidays it has all been about playing with the Thomas train set when the weather was bad lol :)