Saturday, April 7, 2012

Week 8

Preschool Class

The Loaves and the Fishes

We had a wonderful morning in Sunday School this past Sunday. The children have settled in Sunday School beautifully this term and have adjusted to our basic routine.

The teachers were very pleased with the number of children who learnt their memory verse! We had a record number of 12 children say their memory verse. Well done Ella, Lachlan D, Lachlan H, Aaliyah, Malakai , Audrey, Olivia, Natshi, Lauren, Heidi, Hayden and James!!

Our new memory verse until the end of the term is: The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want. Ps 27:1. We practiced this in class and clapped the syllables for ‘Shall Not Want’ to help children remember it.

This week we went on a picnic outside and learnt about the miracle of Jesus feeding the 5000. We had a great time, ate bread and fish-shaped bickies and drank juice. Our focus for the lesson was to highlight how Jesus cared for the crowd and didn’t send them away hungry but performed a miracle so they would be filled up. Here is a photo of one of the games we played (fishing for bread and loaves)!

There will be no Sunday School over the Easter weekend but look forward to one more day of Sunday School before the Autumn break.

Please also remember to get your child’s details back to your Sunday School teachers asap

Donna and Ruth

Princesses & Squires!!!!

All princesses, squires and their parents are invited to a very special ceremony.

When: 15th April, after the morning service
Where: Calvary Chapel

This will be a time of reflection on the term 1 program, and a time of blessing, prayer and dedication.

Please remember we have asked for a donation of $20 to cover costs for this program. This will include a very special gift for you child during this ceremony.

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