Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Free Lesson from Heritage Builders

Heritage Builders is a website I have looked at a number of times. It has an online bookshop which holds many great resources on parenting and building a family of faith.

Heritage Builders was founded in 1995 by six parents with a passion for helping others be intentional about
passing on a Godly heritage to their children. By providing tools that help equip and train parents, Heritage
Builders is a successful ministry that reaches around the world.

Click here: Heritage Builders : to find a free download of "The Tongue" - Teaching children that the words they say can be used for good or evil From "Proverbs - Family Night Tool Chest" by Jim Weidmann and Del Van Essen, with Kurt Bruner

Don't forget to take a photo of your family having a 'Family Devotion Time' or just right a comment about what your family does for their devotion times together to be in the running for a magnetic Rewards Chart.

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