Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Testimony - Sister Tiffany Ross

Sister Tiffany Ross is a young lady from Greater Life church in Melbourne. Here is a testimony she gave at a recent youth Conference - Praise God for godly young people who are not afraid to stand up for their convictions!!!!!


James 1:4

“That a patient person will be perfectly and fully developed….lacking in nothing”

Patience is the fruit of the spirit that only grows through trials.

I want to thank God for giving me the opportunity for speaking to you today about my testimony/exhortation.

Thanks to my mum for helping me and the HIGHER GROUND conference team for allowing me to minister to your hearts.

As the youngest of my siblings I’ve watched my brothers get jobs and become financially independent to a certain degree

Could not WAIT to be 15 and at last was able to apply for work.

1st interview: I applied for work at a bakers delight and was asked to come for interview after which I was sadly rejected.

2nd interview at brumby’s there were 10 other girls at the interview. At question time I asked about the dress code and expressed my convictions about pants I got blank stares and consequently did not land the job - rejection.

3rd interview now 2 months down the track a friend applied at jessies’ pizza and said they were hiring and I applied. What do you know she gets the job I don’t.

How I felt:

I was down and very hurt not wanting to question God but I still kept going.

I kept Trusting God and being patient.

I said ‘That’s it God, I’m not giving up but giving it up to you - if you want me to have a job I will, if not so be it.’

I asked a friend to talk to the boss: my friend spoke to her boss and told me to bring in my resume on Monday. I was praying and preparing myself all week. I got in and asked for the boss. His wife came and got my availability and showed me around. I start Wednesday!!! I was so happy finally I have a job.

Pizza shop owners: After reflecting back on all the interviews from all the mangers and owners I finally realised how rude and worldly they were. God has blessed me with humble and great management I thank God everyday for my boss and his wife they have told me what God has brought them through and how they give God all the glory through it all.

I thank God as they are Christian and I don’t have a problem with dress standards nor working on a Sunday


With God we get not just the best but the very best; A month and a half into my new job I receive a call from Gloria Jeans asking me to come for an interview!

I serve a great God !!

Over and above my expectation I was overwhelmed

With God all things are possible

In all things - believe God

If we faithful God will provide

There is no one like Jesus

If God brought you here today he can take you all the way

Don’t give up but give in to Jesus.

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  1. Pleasantly surprised and truely blessed as I listened to a powerful testamony of the faithfulness of our great God and saviour, Jesus Christ
    As a fifteen year old you have a great future in Jesus
    Go Tiffany!