Monday, July 12, 2010

Tuesday - Building Things Day

Just to let you know, the Pedal Cars at Mr Spokes Bike hire can fit 3 (smallish) adults in the back, and 2 small children in the front. Obviously you can change this to your needs - 2 adults & 1 older child in the back, 2 small children in the front/one adult, 2 older children in back, 2 small children in back!
I went this morning to order the voucher - it was a gorgeous morning at the Lake and there were heaps of people making the most of the glorious morning :)
Just leave a comment or email me at: with any school holiday ideas you have to be in the running for the voucher!


Ok, so with a little imagination you don't need to have hoards of building materials to have fun :)
I remember afternoons spent under a blanket held up with 2 chairs!! That said, boxes, boxes and more boxes are great to use....maybe it's even a chance to clean out the pantry cupboard in search of the right sized box!

- Building / setting up shops, post offices, pet shops, a vet, doctors surgery etc.

- Toy clock. Recycle your breakfast cereal packet to make a friendly clock, as a fun way of learning how to tell the time. Paint the clock face in sunny daytime colours, and surround it with a night sky painted with stars.

- Plan & Make. Let your children loose on some blocks of wood, nails and a hammer- obviously with a little supervision! Bunnings is always an exciting place to visit, and with a few dollars equipment can be purchased to make anything achievable! Encourage your child to plan what they want to make (a wooden boat, car, cradle), write a list of what they need for these things, and draw up some plans including a labelled picture of what their creation will look like at the end.

- Tap Tap. This is a game that is used a lot in preschools. It is a cork board with coloured shapes that can be tapped into the cork with a small hammer. This could be copied with purchased cork, or possibly balsa wood.

- Card towers. Who can build the highest tower from playing cards?

- Paddle Pop stick creations. Build famous towers, bowls, buildings with some paddle pop sticks and some pva/wood glue.

- Build the Eiffel tower out of toilet rolls and masking tape.


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  1. We put up our tent inside the house so the kids could go camping, and I didn't have to go outside with them. They arranged beds for all their toys and I gave them "camp" food and bottles of water. Hours later and they were stillin there reading books, doing jigsaw puzzles and playing. Great day for all