Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wednesday - Book Day

I hope you are enjoying doing some building today - definitely one that takes a little more space and maybe a bit of mess to tidy up :)

Here is another idea sent in for having some kind of building day: Give the children a challenge - they have to plan & build something using materials around the house, garage, and bunnings or revolve. Give the children a limited amount of money - anything they don't use they get to keep! Nothing like a bit of recylcing!

Don't forget to send in more activities to share....and be in the running for a gift vochure for Mr Spokes - a 1 hour Pedal Car hire! Hmmmm......maybe we should extend the ending time until Friday???

And here is the result of a building day at my place:

So, tomorrow is BOOK DAY! Here are some activities you could include in your day......

- Read, read and read some more :)

- Visit the library. Here is a link to some activities that are run at libraries around Canberra.

- Create a puppet show of your favourite story.

- Make your favourite story into a comic strip.

- Change the ending to a familiar story, illustrate the ending.

- Write your own story - with a given beginnng, or a given ending.

- Create a board game based on your favourite story.

- Make a word search based on your favourite story.

- Read some fables - write some of your own.

- Go outside, set up a picnic and read some more books together :)


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  1. We did book day! We read books, wrote stories and the kids put on a "show" for me. I have no idea what it was about but they dressed up and found it hillarious :)